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LeseSolm is a collection of AWK and Shell scripts for usage with the GPS Logger “Solmeta Geotagger Pro” and other GPS receivers that output GPS tracks in NMEA format. The script LeseSolm downloads the GPS track from the Geotagger under Linux. GeotagSolm and GeotagNMEA perform geotagging of images with support for the image direction coming from the magnetic or GPS compass. RevGeotag retrieves altitude values from the geonames.org server. StatNMEA provides some statistics of NMEA files with respect to DOP values and satellite information.


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More information

Project page at sourceforge
News, updates, etc.

RevGeotag retrieves information from the web service of geonames.org.

System requirements

Linux, Windows (Cygwin) with these packages installed:
GAWK, ExifTool

Author: Florian Bauer
License: GPLv2

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